About Us

Your car holds a lot more than an engine – it holds your friends and family, your schedule, your ability to work and enjoy travel. For all that hard work, it deserves to be maintained and repaired by only the most well-trained mechanics. Simply put, your car deserves ProTune.

We take pride in our staff of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified technicians; they’re ready to diagnose even the most complex vehicular issues and get you back on the road in no time. In fact, our Seneca, South Carolina car repair shop is the onlyTECHNET Professional Certified garage in the area – and that’s because we’re serious about offering both expertise and value to our customers. We tackle tough repair issues in both domestic cars and foreign cars; we feel that you shouldn’t have to drive all over Seneca to get reliable, trustworthy service for your car, no matter where it was made.

We offer a full suite of car repair, maintenance and diagnostic services, making us a “one stop shop” to keep your vehicles in great working order. From “workhorse” pickup trucks and commuting sedans to sports cars, it only takes one call to get the help you need. Our friendly staff is trained in everything from fuel system diagnosis to transmission repair, which means you can count on us for a “plate to plate” solution that will keep your vehicle running smoothly.

At ProTune, our customers are the most important part of any car repair. We strive for excellence, respect, fairness and expertise in every job we take on – and it shows! If you’re tired of being treated like a number – or worse, an inconvenience – at the “other car repair guys,” we invite you to give our services a try. We understand that you might have had a bad vehicle repair experience elsewhere, but let us put your mind at ease and get you back behind the wheel of a reliable, expertly-repaired vehicle. Our technicians are standing by to give you the VIP Treatment, and all you need to do is call to start taking advantage of it.